Friday, October 19, 2007


The world we live upon
Of hate and farce and jealousy and scorn
Of smothered conscience and closed doors
Of lies and pretence for friends and foes
Of blank pages and broken pens
Of brainwashed kids and zombied men
Of orders passed with calm aplomb
I hate this world, this world of norm.

They live on, fight to die
Shoved along by the lie
No time to look back, to justify
To think or smile or laugh or cry
Embattled forever in the fight for joy
Prisoner of self, plagued Troy.

End this world, this world of norm,
This progressive decay of human form
Sit back, relax, stop thinking awhile,
Of when to lie or fake a smile
Of fear of failure and dejection and gloom
Get off this creaky ship to doom
Swim in the open seas for once
Give your conscience, your soul a chance
Live by your heart, live for yourself
For once keep rivalry on the shelf
Live life as it comes, live for today
Give the exiled innocence a chance to stay

And you’ll feel alive again
Feel true happiness and real pain
You’ll live real and live free
Like the birds, and rivers, and flowers, and trees.
And God will smile in the sunshineBy jove my world is mine again!!


Akash said...

It made me smile! The best of all poems on this blog. Perhaps the best I've read in a real long time! :)

Deepak Menon said...

Live life as it comes, live for today
Give the exiled innocence a chance to stay ....
Well said - and methinks we have a poet here who is also a philosopher ... well written Raja

Anonymous said...

Really, REALLY like your poems. But this is special.

Thanks for enabling anonymous comments.

Kushal, HT.

rashanality said...

Thanks a ton Kushal :)