Friday, October 19, 2007


I walk along
Prodded on by sounds and voices
Some concerned, some misleading,
They beckon me towards my goal
Some urge me to wait and be careful
Some command me to run and be bold.

I listen
To all the voices around me
And follow their varied directions
I trudge and strut and amble
Never thinking for a moment
That I would ever stumble.

I whistle
Some long forgotten song
Surrounded by pure bliss
With applauding sounds all around
When suddenly my foot strikes a rock
And I stagger and fall to the ground.

I scramble
And try to get up
But I slip again and fall hard.
I beg for a direction or a command
But the voices are all gone
And it’s silent all around

I ponder
The abrupt downfall
And burn in self loathing
For not obeying some phantasmic diktat
But the time passes by and I lie there
And with mud on my face I introspect

I realize
After much deliberation
That the world around me was dark
That my eyes could see and direct me
I didn’t need the voices
And I removed my blindfold at this epiphany

I see
With my eyes
The beautiful world around
And the straight path which lay ahead
A few obstacles on the way
But my goal was shining in the distance
And the noise had gone away.


Deepak Menon said...

Rahul - I shall have to read all your beautiful writing at leisure another day - thank goodness you sent me the link - so I shall comment individually on each poem or prose that you have posted - just read them all and they are very very good - quite a philosopher we have in our extended family - well done

Sireesha said...

oh my...i never knew i was frnz with the lyks of u...gee...i am proud of u... :P